May 11, 2011

We're Having a Giveaway!

This month to celebrate the release of our newest book Encyclopedia Mythologica: Monsters & Dragons, we are having a giveaway contest!  One lucky reader can win a personalized copy of a Limited Edition Encyclopedia Mythologica: Monsters & Dragons!  The Limited Edition Encyclopedia Mythologica: Monsters & Dragons is a cloth bound pop-up book that has a special pop-up in the cover of the book and has a cloth covered slipcase.

Enter to win by commenting on this post and leaving your name and email address.  We will choose a winner at random and the contest will close on June 15th.  We will contact the winner via email to confirm the personalization of the book.  Good luck!


Shelley Noble said...

Being as my husband and I are rabid pop up fans of Matthew and Robert's YES! to the limited edition! w00t!

(Although, we have bought our regular copy already which we love. So, if another commenter has no copy we will defer in a horrible self-sacrificing sort of way.)

LittlePokiGirl said...

Awww!!! I want win!

My name is:

and this is my email:

Thank you!!!

Ness said...

WOOT! I haven't got a copy of this book! I just started collecting Matthew and Robert's books. You guys are awesome, you two are my inspiration! Thanks for giving us the chance to experience your wonderful creations!

-Ness Aban
(pardon the previous comment, I didn't noticed that my brother's account is still logged on)

Michelle Fluttering Butterflies said...

Is the giveaway international? I'm a huge fan, but I live in the UK!

Michael said...

Very, very nice...


candice said...

who could pass up the opportunity to receive a Reinhart and Sabuda pop-up book??? I would LOVE to have this!

Candice Charlson

Tilly Greene said...

The limited edition? Oooo, yes please put my name in the proverbial bowl - it would have a lovely home with me :-)

tilly@tilly greene. com [minus the spaces of course :-)]

Anonymous said...

My boys and I love love love these books!!
Jodie Stephenson

SusanBluerobot said...

thanks for the chance to enter

Alice Stanne said...

As a book maker (attempted pop up book maker) and a freshly graduated illustrator you guys are my inspiration and this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen- and I've only seen the cover! How could I pass this up?

Alice Stanne

Jasper Jade said...

Having been a fan and collector of both Matthew and Roberts work together and individually - it would be amazing to add this.

(ok, so I'm leery of putting my name on a major blog for all to see - especially my full name so for now - Jasper Jade it is. I hope that is alright)

Kit Umscheid said...

Want! : )

Matthew, thanks for coming to Cedar Rapids, Iowa this year to talk about your art and show everyone how to start making their own pops. Your work is amazing!


Karen Ngai said...

Congrats on the new book! It's amazing!


lefty said...

Yes, the giveaway is international!

Best of luck to you all!

Jorge Daniel Romero Castillo said...


My name is Jorge Daniel Romero Castillo and my mail is


Karen's Travels said...

Congrats on the latest pop up book! Always amazed by your latest creations!


Anonymous said...

Me and dad have written a book about a taniwha, a kind of dragon that lives here. We drawn have a picture for each chapter. There are sixty pictures. Now we are working on a pop up of Fred the taniwha hatching from his egg. We like your books and look at them in our library. We have room for one at home. I'm very careful and I would look after it lots.

Spike O'Connor - spike @

Dr Sonia S V said...

YOur books are amazing and this one is sure to be a treat.
Cheers from Bangalore ,India
Dr Sonia S V
ENT Surgeon and Avid Crafter

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work one more time.
Matthew and Robert, you bring so much for pop up books!

Matteo said...

Your books are a major inspiration for me and my students! We would love a copy of your amazing work!

Matteo Mazur- Dealey Montessori

Jorge Daniel Romero Castillo said...

Great!!! (again; my comment had disappeared)

My name is Jorge Daniel Romero Castillo.

My email:


Alice Stanne said...

I posted already, but my comment seems to have disappeared. As a recently graduated illustrator and bookmaker this is one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen (and I've only seen the over!) Keep up the fantastic work, it's inspirational to us all.

Alice Stanne

Anonymous said...

It would be a dream come true to own a 'Limited Edition' copy. Thank you for this lovely opportunity towards that possibility.

Darryl said...

Being a recent fan of pop-up books, that looks too good to pass up a chance of owning! Hopefully this giveaway applies internationally!


Anonymous said...

Anyone has noticed that Sabuda and Kubasta are great sounding surnames?

No, I'm not saying that just to win the amazing pop up book... I am just saying.... :)

Marcelo Wadowski

Chickiecherry said...

wow *_*
i love all your books !

my name is:


vonHafe said...

Your talent has reached Portugal, and I'm a huge fan :)
Like someone here said, hope you're making this an international giveaway...
My name is: von Hafe
my email: april2nd_72 (at)

Gilly said...

Matty G.

Erica said...

Erica Paik

Anonymous said...

Great news!
I am your fan.
I really love your amazing pop up books.
I want to be a winner.
My name is Rosa Yoo

CG said...

Love your work, and always enjoy your blog. Thanks so much for the chance; this book is a treasure.

KT said...

Hello! My name is Katie Moran. I am in the U.S. Peace Corps on the island of Grenada. I am sure this book is like nothing my students have ever seen before! Thank you for such inspirational work!

Katie Moran

Anonymous said...

This book is really marvellous !

And I just have a place in my library for it.

I’m a french boy, 16 years old and I like drawing illustrations and creating cartoons with black papercutting. Thank you for your blog.

My email :

SueBE ( said...

What a marvelous opportunity! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, there were two boys. One was a Shah and the other was a Gilly. They both wanted a limited edition pop-up book but only one existed in the entire Multiverse (since the pop-up books themselves are parallel universes, duh). Anyways, in an effort to not ruin the story, which is going to be turned into a major blockbuster collab between Ridley Scott and Wes Anderson, with writing by VideoDeathRay, I'll stop, else I spoil the story.

-Yousaf ( (does it count if I'm in Canada?)

Tim Cook said...

your work continues to amaze me. It is quite humbling to try and make anything remotely resembling your wonderful creations. Fortunately, I still get to read your books and am continually inspired by there creative artistry.

Anne said...

So exciting!! Would love a copy!


Tintan said...

We just bought two pop-up books, the one about fairies, and Peterpan, last week in Tokyo. For some reason, it is easier to find your pop-up books in Japan than in Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Nate and Caroline are excited at the chance of receiving such a wonderful addition to their book collection at Mimi's house. Thanks so much.

Gio said...

Hi, This is Giovanni from South Africa.

I stumbled onto the Jungle Book pop-up by Matthew, which is coincidentally my favorite story of all time, about a year ago in a book store and fell in love with his work. I've subsequently purchased a book a month since then and have twelve in my collection.

This would be lucky 13th book for me... Awesome if I could win this!!!

Ciao for now...

CikguKreatif said...

OH My dear friends Matthew, love so much your pop up book. You are really inspired me a lot. Every single Encyc - Methologica, JUngle Book. And again u come with brilliant idea with this Monster and Dragon. It's really impress me. Im really apreciated it Matthew! I wish i have one with your spirited words inside the book!

My facebook

My email

Warm regards
- Rizal, Malaysia