February 23, 2011

Weekly Beast: African Naked Mole Rat

This bizarre rodent from Africa proves once again that truth is stranger than fiction!  The hairless, eyeless appearance which these digging mammals have developed to adapt to their environment creates a mixed reaction of disgust and curiosity in those who first view them.  But even more strange then how they look is how they live.  Though mammals, naked mole rats are cold-blooded and unable to regulate their own body temperatures internally.  For rodents they live to an extremely old age, sometimes up to 28 years!  Most unusually is the fact that all naked mole rat babies are produced by one rat queen and three or four males.  The rest of the colony members do not reproduce and act as workers like ants or bees!


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Carol P said...

Ooooo, another naked mole rat fan. I made a "magic picture" card with a naked mole rat!