April 5, 2010

Gods & Heroes on Telegraph.co.uk

Sunday, April 4, 2010 - The best books for all ages by Dinah Hall:

No matter how many times you open GODS AND HEROES BY MATTHEW REINHART AND ROBERT SABUDA (Walker, £19.99), the thrill never diminishes as a giant Anubis springs out of the pages and unfeasibly folds its outstretched limbs neatly back in as you close it. Tucked on to each page, as well as one large pop up of the Argo or Quetzalcoatl, are several smaller ones, equally intricate. Reinhart and Sabuda are themselves gods of paper engineering and it's a shame to leave this thing of magic and wonder to the collectors who, to maximise its investment value, will keep it in its cellophane wrapper. (Age: 6-11)

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katie said...

this website is awsome soooo manny cool pop-ups to make! awsome web!