April 15, 2010

Fun at the MoCCA Festival!

Last weekend I attended the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival and I had a great time! I originally decided to go because one of my favorite webcomic artists was there (Kate Beaton), but I realized as I arrived that it was just the sort of event that some of my old college friends would be at.

Sure enough, as I walked into the room I saw my friend Marc showing off his illustrations at a table. He pointed me to some great places to browse and I ended up spending tons of money on books and posters as well as a little robot magnet that my friend Alisa made.

One of my favorite things about the festival is that artists had to represent their own work. This meant that there were mainly independent comic artists and cartoonists there - and it was cool to know that whenever I bought something, I was buying it directly from the artist!

I'll definitely go back next year.

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