January 15, 2009

Truly Visionary

This week the studio received a copy of “Visionaire 55”. “Visionaire” is a multi-form album of fashion and art produced in limited edition of 4000. Only published three times a year, this holiday issue as the theme of ‘Surprise’ and houses 12 pop-up portfolios in a large dark purple cloth-covered case that has a very inventive magnetic opening device.

One of my favorite artists, Cai Guo-Qiang, is represented here in a pop-up devised by Bruce Foster. The single spread references a large scale installation called ‘Head On’ that I had the great pleasure to see last year at the Guggenheim Museum. I got a great kick out of seeing the arching wave of wolves twist and curl across the page.

There are many other excellent pop-up compositions to be found inside the collection. So be sure to visit the website below to learn more about this creative publication.


- Kyle

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Ishi in Japan said...

I purchased it with interest with this blog. All booklets were passable quality, but I like works of Sabuda. In addition, some prices are high despite a limited edition.