January 15, 2009

Hyena Hullabaloo

Hello again,
I haven't written in a while because of the holidays and whatnot. I just wanted to show a series of photos I think are really powerful and beautiful. They're from the photographer Pieter Hugo of men in Nigeria and their pet Hyenas. Pieter followed the group for a two weeks and learned about their relationship to the animals and the community.



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Shelley Noble said...

Simon, I have to say, you've blown me away with this post/link. These are some of the most exquisite and remarkable images I've ever witnessed.

There's so much about them that drops my jaw; the power, as you say, the exotic reality I never imagined existed, the surreal shock of the Hyenas as pets, bound in the way they are. And the men. Their attitude, the horror of their barren environment with nothing but decay and waste, western hip hop folded into cultural vestiges of African color, it's too much!

My God.