January 26, 2009

I Go Pogo

I am a big fan of comic strips like Calvin and Hobbes and Krazy Kat, but in my opinion, the best one is Pogo by Walt Kelly.

As a young man, Walt Kelly worked as a cartoonist and reporter in Bridgeport, Connecticut before moving to California to work for Walt Disney from 1936 to 1941. While there, he contributed to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia and Dumbo, among others. Later, he began his main career as a political cartoonist and comic strip artist. In Pogo, he combined political satire, social commentary, beautiful artwork (with brushwork influenced by his time at Disney) and slapstick comedy into a masterpiece that spanned 27 years.

You can read some Pogo strips at the official website:

And more about the strip on wikipedia:

- Shelby

P.S. Look out Churchy, Friday the 13th lands on a Friday in both of the next two months!

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