January 26, 2009

Foreign Fairies

Our publisher Candlewick Press sent two large packages to the studio this week. We get a lot of deliveries to our door, but we get extra excited when they are from overseas addresses. Everyone streamed out of the offices and clawed at the boxes like it was Christmas morning. Robert always hopes they contain pounds and pounds of chocolate, but this time it was our book, ‘Fairies and Magical Creatures’ in almost a dozen foreign languages. That is almost just as good! This studio has been fortunate to have many of the titles translated into many different languages, but we often never learn of the results. Very few folks in America get to see how our books look in translation so I created a mosaic of covers for you to enjoy. Let’s see if you can match the covers to the countries:

Canada (and US)
French Canada

It’s funny how the color of the cover changes with different countries. My favorite is the Korean version with the additional fairy in the upper left.

- Kyle

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