April 17, 2009


This past weekend a great show featuring nine very different paper artists opened in Los Angeles. PAPERSHAPERS is hosted by the hip automobile company, Scion and was curated by Giant Robot. The installation features not one but two of my favorite paper artists:

Peter Callesen has really wowed me with his poetic exploration of positive and negative space with paper. (I’m still reeling from the Perry Rubenstein Gallery show back in January.)

Brian Dettmer transforms retired reference books and other media into meticulously carved sculptures. They way he creates a narrative by revealing sections of a book’s page is a true marvel.

PAPERSHAPERS will be up until May 2, 2009 for those who are within driving distance of L.A. As for the rest of us, the good folks at Paper Forest visited the exhibition and posted some great images of the various paper crafters. Be sure to poke around the Paper Forest site to discover other folks making great things out of cardstock.

- Kyle

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Shelley Noble said...

I plan to go with my paper fan hubby. (I'm one of Jaime's contributors to Paper Forest, howdy.)