April 17, 2009

A new kind of Paper Engineering

Many people have heard of or seen videos of artist Theo Jansen's work: giant walking sculptures that are powered by the wind. At least one person is now taking the principles Theo developed and implementing them on a smaller scale:

This little horse automaton is made out of paper! I am very excited to make one of my own sometime soon...kits are available if you want to order one and make it yourself!


(If you haven't heard of or seen Theo Jansen's work, here's a short video below:)

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Shelley Noble said...

When I first saw this horse by James Watt based on Theo's genius mechanism, I was floored! What I love most about it is its naturalistic movement. It seems to move as a real horse would.

I envision this design made on an out-sized scale, like a large outdoor sculpture on museum grounds somewhere, solar-powered. I feel it would be the dawn of a new revolution in art.

I've got a kit! (unopened, waiting for an idle moment... not that kind!)