April 23, 2009

More on automatons

Paper engineer Andy Baron (www.popyrus.com) is not only skilled with paper! A few years ago he helped The Franklin Institute restore a certain automaton, which had been sitting around in their storage area for years.

By replacing some parts, restoring others and bending a few pieces of wire back into place, Andy was able to slowly bring the clockwork artist back into working condition! The "Draughstman-Writer" once again draws four different pictures and writes three different poems (two in french and one in english), using gears, levers and cams to guide his hand.

More info can be found at The Franklin Institute's website.

Check out the video of Andy demonstrating the automaton below!

- Shelby

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Anonymous said...

It is just like in the 2008 caldecott winner Hugo Cabaret, if you haven't read it you should pick it up, the pictures are amazing