April 23, 2009

My first pop-up book...

As a kid, I only ever owned one pop-up book. It made a huge impression on me - one that would not resurface until much later in my life.

All kids love dinosaurs, and that's what my only pop-up book was all about. I was one of those kids who knew WAY too much about those prehistoric beasties - annoyingly correcting every adult who dared mispronounce their names.

Pretty cool book - right? It inspired Robert and I to create our own series of prehistoric pop-ups, the Encyclopedia Prehistorica series (Dinosaurs, Sharks & Sea Monsters, and Megabeasts).

My memories of this book are much different than what you all see in these pictures. My little sister Erin (who was 2 years old at the time) also enjoyed this book a great deal. Let's just say that all of the pop-up dinosaurs inside also went extinct - she tore the book to pieces! Now I have a new copy of Dinosaurs: A Pop-Up Book - and my little sister or Lilly (my brand-new niece) will never get their mitts on it!


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