July 5, 2011

Whats Popped Up: Acuity Storybook Year

Paper engineer, Andrew Baron has had a Storybook Year so far. Andy teamed up with illustrator, Aaron Boyd and the masterminds at Dufour Advertising to create quite an impressive book. Actually, it serves as an annual report for the Acuity insurance company based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

As in years past, Acuity was determined to come up with a creative way to inform their shareholders about the state of the company in a visually pleasing way. They decided a collection of colorful nursery rhymes popping off the pages was the way to go, and that is where Andrew came in to provide his signature touch. Most pop-up fans know his expertise in creating intricate movables activated by pulling a tab, and will be pleasantly surprised to see his mastery of large dimensional compositions. One of my favorite scenes is a nervous Humpty Dumpty teetering over not a safety net but a frying pan as the king’s men race towards him. There are dozens of other Easter eggs and sight gags hidden in the pop-ups and I can tell that the group had a lot fun developing this title.

Less than twenty thousand books were assembled in China and sent out to agents at the annual board meeting this February. Currently it is not available in any bookstores. We can only hope (or demand) that they consider adapting the annual report and release a children’s book in the future. Until then you can check out more photos and videos at the custom website, and read about the pop-up process from Andy here, or even keep up with the awards and accolades this project is getting at their Facebook page.


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