July 7, 2011

Vintage Moveable Review: Pennsylvania State Bank

Somewhere in between the S&L bank crisis in the 1980’s and the more recent Subprime mortgage crisis the Pennsylvania State Bank decided to send a “thank you” to their loyal customers and offer to refinance with a home equity loan. Now, I know U.S. banking history is not too interesting, but their promotional material is of interest to me. When you open the tri-folded business letter a woman’s hand offers a handful of small bills. This is the first time that I have seen a small pop-up inserted into a business letter. After all these years, it’s exciting to see something new. I could not learn too much about this pop-up advertisement, but my guess is the letter was produced around 1993 based on the documentation. It seems Pennsylvania State Bank has come and gone and now PNC is at that address. Maybe too many of their loyal customers took them up on the home refinancing offer.



Carol P said...


Carol P said...

In the "too much information" department: Pennsylvania State Bank opened for business in 1989. If you read that letter it says something about recently celebrating an anniversary with a CD rate and some wording about "the next century." So...guessing it was the ten year anniversary, adding in a six month or one year CD, and an upcoming century....puts it at 1998-1999.

Whatdya think?

Kyle said...

Great sleuthing Carol! I agree 1998 or 1999 seems like a good fit. Thanks for the information.