January 3, 2011

What’s Popped Up: 3rd Salon of Pop-up Books

Happy New Year! Recently, Thibaut Brunessaux & Jacques Desse of La Boutique du Livre Animé in Paris posted photos from their epic 3rd Salon of Pop-up Books that was held on the evening of December 2nd.

The video invitation was created by Gérard Lo Monaco.

I wish I could have attended as it seems every paper engineer in France was in attendance.

Here is a list of the participants:

Marion Bataille : ABC3D

Bernard Duisit et Joëlle Jolivet : 10 p'tits pingouins

G. Lo Monaco et Bernard Duisit : Le Prince de Motordu

G. Lo Monaco et Joëlle Jolivet : Moby Dick

Gérard Lo Monaco : Le Magique Circus

Jean-Charles Trebbi : L'Art de la découpe, nouvelle édition deL'Art du pli

Eric Singelin : Jeux t'aime , Pélénope fait du sport

Jean-Charles Rousseau et Jean-Hugues Malineau : Tout Toutou

Gaëlle Pelachaud : Amsterdam Théâtre miniature, Vienne Théâtre d'illusion

Philippe Huger (UG) : Novopolis , L'incroyable encyclopédie

Olivier Charbonnel : Le Petit théâtre d'ombres, Les trois petits cochons

Anouck Boisrobert et Louis Rigaud : Popville

Anne-Sophie Bauman : Kididoc

What a group! All the books look amazing and I am very excited to see Joëlle Jolivet’s work in the 10 Little Penguins and Moby Dick in person. Check out all the photos from the event here.


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