September 9, 2010

TV Memories

We all have faint childhood memories that seem to come to the forefront of our minds randomly. One of mine is of a cartoon I remembered watching taped on one of my many VHS tapes. There was only one episode of the show and I vaguely remembered it had to do with flowers. Years later, looking back I knew that it was from Japan because of the style of animation. So with a lot of help of my fiancé, we found the TV show! Hana no Ko Lunlun or The Flower Angel was a Japanese cartoon that ran in 1979 till 1980 and was dubbed in many languages. I cannot find it on Region 1 DVDs (yet) but you can see a bit of it here!

XX Jess

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cg said...

Thank you for this! I had the first episode on tape when I was a child, and it bothers me to this day that I never got to see the conclusion. Just watching that intro made my day!