June 26, 2009

You Do, We Do, Who Do, Yudu?

Kyle-- I too have gone pro.

Pro silk screen printing that is! I'm counting down the days till my Yudu arrives! Yes, a Yudu. It's like the Easy Bake Oven for silk screen printing. The next Gocco. It's going to be AWESOME! I came across it over a printing website I frequent, watched the video and fell in love. Soon my days (when I'm not at work of course) will be filled with printing mini posters, clothing, bags, notebooks, you name it! And soon you all can find those master pieces at my etsy store: http://www.jesstice.etsy.com

To learn more about Yudu:

Till then I'm going to keep checking the tracking number!


1 comment:

Erin Bassett said...

I have one & have used it to screenprint of just about everything I can find...LOVE it!