June 4, 2009

Going Pro

After years of wringing my hands and saving pennies I finally took the plunge and bought myself a CraftRobo Pro cutting plotter from Graphtec. The CraftRobo Pro is like a large printer but instead of an ink cartridge there is a small swiveling blade that will contour cut the die lines I create in Adobe Illustrator. Goodbye scissors and broken X-acto blades. I was suspicious when Shawn Sheehy began using one a few years ago. Later, I was jealous to learn that Sam Ita has been using the Pro to create his latest book. I finally gave in and bought my own.

Now that “Baby Signs” is in bookstores I have been working on a new pop-up idea. This new design requires such precise and complex cutting that I was ruining my eyes and wrists trying to create the multiple versions of each pop-up! It was time to embrace technology. I have played around with the small desktop CraftRobo before but found that it would only cut a few small pieces at a time. I needed something a little more heavy duty. I needed to go Pro.

- Kyle


Shelley Noble said...

Green green green with jealousy! But if any people need this it's the artists at Paper Studio NYC! Good for you, Kyle! Enjoy and report!

paul stickland said...

Hi, here's a man with scalpel sore fingers in need of a CraftRobo Pro.
How are you getting on with it?
I think I really need/want one!

sachin george said...

WOW.... now i have one more machine to dream of..... but first i need to find a X-acto...

Anonymous said...

you'll love(and sometimes will hate!) your pro machine - have fun!