June 4, 2009

Scrapper from just scraps...

Hello all -

I've been in and out of the office for the past month - on book tours, a little island vacation and even the opening of our new traveling pop-up exhibit with the National Center for Children's Literature. Here we are teaching a bunch of up-and-coming pop-up artists in Abilene.

I am very happy to be home - so I can work! I am, as always, a bit behind schedule on my latest project, a massive pop-up encyclopedia celebrating the heroes (and villains) of the DC Comics Universe! Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman head up the book, along with everyone from the Justice League.

So, as some of you may know, I am a big fan of two things - Transformers and paper-craft. Here is a link to an AMAZING paper model of the Decepticon construction engineer, named Scrapper (actually he's a Constructicon - but I thought I'd go easy on you newbie Trans-fans out there). The model actually transforms into a construction payloader and is a dead ringer for the 80's animated version of the character.

Astounding. If I had some free time, I'd be building and transforming it right now.

- Matthew

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