May 29, 2009

My New Friend, Freddy

The other evening I was wandering aimlessly around the Strand, when I came across something new (to me) in the children's book section. It seemed to combine my current interest in automatons with old children's books - some of my favorite things!The book, titled "The Clockwork Twin", is part of a series written by Walter R. Brooks between 1927 and 1958. The series is about a group of talking animals, especially one in particular: Freddy the Pig. Apparently, these books started going out of print in the 60s, but they've been resurfacing again in recent years - hoorah!

I enjoyed this book quite a lot - it was full of mystery and wonder, good friendships, and sly humor. I've also just finished reading another in the series: "Freddy Goes Camping" and found it just as entertaining.

Freddy has a fan club! Check it out at


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