May 5, 2009

Hey Baby!

This past Friday was a special day for me. May 1st marked the release of Baby Signs, my pop-up teaching tool that shares seventeen essential hand signs to communicate with the pre-verbal child in your life. Baby sign language is a proven system that has been around for many years and the animated illustrations shown in this book are based on the American Sign Language system.

After laboring on this book for over a year, I am very pleased with how the book came out and feel that the pop-up and pull tab mechanisms really lend themselves to the subject matter. This book is the second non-fiction title in the Sabuda & Reinhart venture with Orchard Books (the initial offering was Castle which was actually my debut in the publishing world!).

To celebrate the arrival of my new book I have developed a Baby Signs pop-up card that you can print out and easily make yourself. Please stop by to download the “make-your-own” pop-up, and be sure to check back soon as I plan to offer another pop-up card soon.

So rush right out to your favorite bookseller to get a copy and if you are interested in a signed copy be sure to visit the gift shop at for some freshly autographed fare.

- Kyle


kate b. said...

congrats kyle!

Shelley Noble said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Kyle! This book looks amazingly beautifully crafted and such a worthwhile purpose, Mazel Tov!

Can't wait to check it out!