May 15, 2009

Multiple Dimensions

This week a surprise arrived in the mail. A View-master with 3-D images of our 3-D books! I haven’t seen one of these red slide reel viewer in years and I haven’t ever seen pictures of our pop-ups POP like this. It was as if Christmas had come early.

Back in December, Ron Labbe and David E. Klutho came by the studio armed with custom camera rigs. These two professional 3-D photographers were in town promoting their new book, In Your Face 3-D: The Best 3-D Book Ever! Most 3-D books that I grew up with were found wanting but this one does live up to its name. (Being an avid rock climber, my favorite anaglyph images in this book are some very dynamic shots of a dreadlocked guy dangling off a rock face.)

3-D images bring a depth and motion to flat photography much like pop-up books raise the characters off of the pages of your favorite fairytales. In fact, before the term pop-up became popular in the 1930’s, many publishers tested terms like 3-D scenes or three-dimensional models to promote their movable books.

Now, I have been exploring stereoscopic images for many years and am a lover of all things 3-D, whether it’s movies, books, comics or video games, so I was very excited to see that Ron was able to use some of the shots he took that day to create a wonderful three-dimensional keepsake. This is definitely one of the coolest gifts we have received from fans.

Check out all the cool information and services Ron Labbe provides at to create your own 3-D goodies.

- Kyle

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Shelley Noble said...

Hey! Those are the best 3d images I've seen! Very cool gift!