July 16, 2008

A studio filled with toys for big kids...

There are many toys at the studio - they help us think, give us inspiration or just plain distract us when our work gets frustrating. We've modified this monkey-faced bank - now he's an evil monkey-faced bank. Note the mustache, fangs and angry eyebrows.

Today, I decided to go around the studio and see which toy each designer was most fond of. Kyle chose a little wind-up gyroscope. It's kinda complex but mildly educational, much like Kyle.

It was tough for Shelby to pick between the wind-up caterpillar and the wind-up fire-breathing monster - so she chose both.

Robert picked the solar powered birds that sing when you put them in the light. Robert is all about energy conservation! They came from Japan and they kind of make a "cheep - cheep" sound when you get close to them.

Jess loves the Hello Kitty/Mickey Mouse marching figures from one of Robert and Matthew's trips to Japan. When you push the button, they all dance to a song.

Matthew chose…… well, it is hard for Matthew make a choice since he's such a big toy collector - so he just picked his entire collection of Star Wars figures and Transformers robots! None of us are ever allowed to touch them.

I chose the drumming monkey because it's awesome and also because it's a monkey.

- Simon A.

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