July 7, 2008

Jessica's First Pop-Ups

Thanks to the Paper Engineering class I took at Pratt in 2004 (it still exists and Kyle Olmon teaches it now), I am now able to make V-folds rise and much, much more! The All White Card (above) assignment was my very first design - and the top of the wave even rotates to 'engulf' the surfer. Radical!

For the next assignment, we were to choose holiday and create an appropriate Holiday Card (above). I chose Talk Like a Pirate Day (that's September 19th just in case you don't know) and, oddly, I was the only one who celebrated it in my class - yargh! what a bunch 'o land-lubbers.

The last class assignment was an pop-up advertisement. Pout is a cosmetic store
in NYC that had opened up at the time. The hand of the pop (above) rotates over to the lips as they open to apply the lipstick. And a small side pop of the store front opens up to give you the address.

...and those are my first pop-ups!


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