January 30, 2010

A good find...

I was in a bookstore in my neighborhood this weekend and I stumbled upon a book that grabbed my attention. What can I say it was the color that got me. I am a sucker for contrast and that dusty blue is hands down my favorite hue. Not to mention the neat red symbol on the cover.

So I bought it for a whopping 10 dollars! Getting it home are realized it from 1904, which makes it 106 years old! Oldest thing I own. I looked more closely and found it was written by a guy named Hugo B. Froehlich, A former instructor at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn - my Alma Mater.

The book is full of beautiful Art Nouveau images and poetry, as well as simple techniques for improving your drawing and color skills.

This book is such a good random find that I am really happy to own.

Have fun at your used bookstore.


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