October 16, 2008

First and not the last!

Last week, we had a special visitor at the studio. It was his first time here and like many other visitors, he seemed to be overwhelmed with all the activity. Luckily we keep lots of toys around, which come in handy whether you are 25 years old like some of the designers or 15 months old like our new guest, Robert's godson Rayan Bounkit (son of acclaimed jewelry designer,
Hassan Bounkit). Robert and Matthew were taking care of him and showed him the place where all the pop-ups are made. He even got a sneak peek at Robert’s upcoming pop-up book, Peter Pan, which was dedicated to him. Rayan mainly wanted to eat the pops, but we have a feeling he'll still enjoy it.

He is such a cute little guy and was happy to model for
my next non-fiction title coming out in May under the Sabuda & Reinhart imprint with Scholastic. We are so happy with the results that I wanted to post a first look at Rayan as he shares the sign for “bath” in Baby Signs. We are excited for the new book and even more excited for Rayan to pop in again at the studio anytime.

- Kyle

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