October 16, 2008

Time to begin again

A few years ago when I worked at this studio as an intern, a fellow coworker and I began a project in our free time to build a clock out of paper from the book
"Make Your Own Working Paper Clock" by James Smith Rudolph.

The project soon slowed down, and then I went back to school and the clock was completely forgotten. However, I just recently came across some of the pieces we had cut out, and I'm definitely going to have to take a stab at making the clock again! Wish me luck, because no one else in the studio believes it can be done!

- Shelby


Anonymous said...

I do like the working paper clock.
(Meaning I want one!)
My son as a child made a working paper light from a kit. Very kewel!

Many thanks,

swsheehy said...

Hey All
I just found this site, thanks to Kyle mentioning the show of handmade paper items from the kids in Ghana.
I made this paper clock a couple of years ago with hmp. It...mostly worked.

Michael said...

I bought this paper clock book several years ago and am currently planning to build the paper clock myself.

If you like paper models, check out what the (now extinct) guys from Wrebbit came up with a dozen years ago: a 533 piece PAPER car model kit of the 1935 Mercedes 500K, with rubber motor, working steering, REAL (thread) wire wheels, opening hood, trunk and doors!
The Mercedes hood ornament alone is made out of EIGHT pieces of cardboard, each wire wheel consumes over 5ft of thin thread - this is insane, 10x more difficult than the paper clock!

Hasbro killed Wrebbit several years ago, so this paper kit is hard to find these days. So far I did not have the guts to start the project, it is pure overkill, I do not want to ruin the marvelous 1:10 scale car (20in long!)
Now for the clock...