June 19, 2008


Hello everyone,

Hopefully over the next few weeks we'll be able to update you on all the great projects here at the pop-up studio of Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda.  You'd think there would be a lot of goofing off here (and I guess there is SOME of that) but we take our paper engineering very seriously!  

This blog may feature things less directly related to our books
, which our websites, RobertSabuda.com and Matthew Reinhart.com, detail MUCH more thoroughly.  At RobertSabuda.com, there are all kinds of awesome do-it-yourself pop-ups that you can print-out and new features every few weeks on new book releases, pop-up artists and various events.  You can even buy signed books at the site as well.  

Here, we'll introduce you to everyone here at the studio, showcase cool pop-up stuff that we find on the internet,  cool stuff we just like (whether it's pop-up related or not) and maybe even give you a sneak peak at our upcoming projects, like this photo of the second page spread from our upcoming July release, Encyclopedia Mytholigica: Fairies and Magical Creatures!

Hope you enjoy - 


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm a Japanese and love pop-up books that made you and Mr.Sabuda.
I've got "Fairies and Magical Creatures" yesterday. I waited during half a year after reservation of the book.
Could you imagine my excitement and how happy I am. I'd like tell you many thanks.
I have a lot of things that want to write. However, it doesn't put it in English.
Seem to study English a little more.
Anyway I really enjoy the book.
Thank you!