June 19, 2008

Say "Hello" to Kyle, Jess and Simon...

Kyle Olmon has been lead designer with Sabuda & Reinhart Studio since 2005.  In 2006, he created the New York Times best-selling book, Castle: Medieval Days and Knights, the first title of the Sabuda & Reinhart imprint at Scholastic Books.  A talented artist from his youth, Kyle was born and raised outside of Chicago, Illinois where he earned degrees in Painting and Art History before he jumped into t
he exciting world of pop-ups.  When not teaching Paper Engineering at the renowned art school Pratt Institute, Kyle can be found restoring antique movable books from his rapidly growing collection.

A recent graduate from Pratt Institute, Jessica Tice is a 4-year veteran designer at Sabuda & Reinhart Studio, and an absolute master of color.  Jess is the brilliant painter behind most of the painted papers Robert and Matthew use in their cut-paper collage artwork for books like Jungle Book, Star Wars: Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy and Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs.  An equally talented paper engineer in her own right, she cuts, glues, tapes and folds paper into many of the pop-ups in their books and cards as well!

Simon Arizpe is originally from Tuscon, Arizona.  He has been working at the Sabuda & Reinhart Studio for two years.  An Illustration Department graduate of Pratt Institute, he has been making things out of paper most of his life.  He enjoys biking, kayaks and warm summer evenings.  His favorite foods include mangos and avocados.  He lives currently in Brooklyn.

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