January 5, 2012

Artist Watch: Julie VonDerVellen

The internet is a brilliant thing, connecting all of visually.  I came across Julie VonDerVellen's work last year.  It really is amazing what one can do with paper.  VonDerVellen creates garments out of handmade paper (which is made out of recycled cotton clothing).  She says that "garments evoke memories; memories evoke garments" and she's right.  Her pieces are intricately woven and painstakingly put together to re-create garments.  The paper also has the story of the specific memory printed on it thus binding the memory and the garment together.  Check out more of her work here.

~ Jess

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Inge Bekaert said...

hello Robert,

I am 45 years old and rediscovered pop up books...I'm really intrigued how they work and try to make my own little pop-ups. Very easy, nothing fancy, but every time I open and close a pop-up card i have a smile on my face...

Searching the internet I stumbled upon your website and blog. I'll be on the look out on Amazon to buy one of your books so I can admire them closely.

Thanks for sharing here other amazing paper creations...I'm in awe what people can create with paper.
It's a joy to look at it !

Thanks for sharing this all !

greetings from belgium