December 7, 2011

Pratt's Newest Engineers!

I would love to show off the final projects from the paper engineering course I'm currently teaching at Pratt Institute!  My students learned so much in their short time in the class and I'm really happy to say the I'm very proud of all of them!

 Here we have a great take on postmodern collage artwork re-created as 3-D pop ups!

Grrrrowl!  A very hungry pop tarts monster comes out to take what is rightfully his out of the toaster.

These are a collection of masks for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This is an album for Florence + The Machine.  The CD pops right up when you open the 2nd spread!

A very recognizable pop-up, this is for Apple and it's products.  Check out the iPod on the left-- you can turn the wheel and choose what music to listen too!

 A golden ticket and a lot of Wonka madness in this pop-up for Willy Wonka's factory.

Another pop-up with collage art work, this one we went deep sea diving!

 A great educational pop-up on saving water and waste reduction!

Here we see the NYC skyline where you can set the sun and turn the lights off of the Empire State Building!

Congrats to all of my students!  You all did a fantastic job!

* We've been so busy in the studio these last few months that posting has fallen by the wayside.  Thank you all for being patient with us!

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