December 6, 2010

This Week 12/6-10/10 At the Pop-Up Studio NYC...

Hello all!

Whether you've noticed or not, I've decided to begin uploading new content to the blog on a daily basis, with new features like vintage pop-up book reviews, new movable book reviews, do-it-yourself pops, daily vocabulary, songs, cool artists and other weekly updates about the projects in the studio. Fun stuff! We want to keep our readers interested and hopefully you'll like what we've got coming up. Everybody in the studio has been contributing and if you have any cool ideas, by all means, let us know!

And as for the projects happening in the studio, let's just say I've begun engineering on the sequel to STAR WARS: THE ULTIMATE POP-UP - which should prove to be just as EPIC (if not more so) than its predecessor. No sneak peeks yet... and it doesn't release until Fall 2012, but there will be more to come in future months - I promise.

Signing off!

- MR

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It`s very good!