November 1, 2010

Lookit this!

Last week the studio was presented with a new project-- create a window display Matthew's upcoming book signing at Books of Wonder on November 7th, 2010 from 1pm-3pm. We had to make a giant Batman (from our DC Super Heroes pop up book) flying over Gotham City. It was a big challenge since this was the first ever window display we had designed and put together on site. Kyle, Gio, and I trekked up to Books of Wonder after preparing the window pieces to install the display.

Here you can see a few of Gotham's buildings ready to be put in the window...

Kyle and Gio are ready to bind Batman's body together...

Inside the window, Kyle and Gio hang up Batman... he looks a little lonely in there doesn't he?

Bit by bit Gotham is coming together...

Kyle and I are very excited to be stomping around Batman's city (even if it is all paper)!

Tah-dah! The finished product! As you can see, we had a blast making buildings and Batman.

And for all of you in NYC, Matthew will be at Books of Wonder on November 7th, 2010 for a DC Super Heroes book signing at 1pm-3pm!


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Shelley Noble said...

ok, HOW CUTE ARE YOU GUYS!? The window looks amazing!