March 15, 2010

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from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, March 13, 2010:

What inspires you?

Robert: I think that inspiration comes from the experiences of my everyday life. I’ll read about something or someone and say “wouldn’t that make a wonderful book?” I’m also inspired by other authors and artists like Matthew Reinhart. Since we work together in the same studio, sometimes I’ll see him make an amazing piece of art and I’ll get so excited and inspired that I have to get right back to work creating!

Matthew: Everything around me —whether the gargoyles on buildings, food packaging in the grocery store or even good music.

How much do you love your job?

Robert: I am thankful every day to have such a wonderful, fun, challenging job. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

Matthew: Very much—wouldn’t trade it for anything."

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One of our good friends in the pop-up collecting world, Adie Pena, was also interviewed:

"Adie, who runs PLW, an advertising firm based in Makati, has been collecting pop-up books for about 18 years now. “It all started in 1987 when I came across a pop-up print ad of the famous San Francisco Transamerica Building in Time magazine. It simply blew my mind. Here was a child’s medium that actually made my heart skip a beat.”

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