February 25, 2010

Fractal Fun

A few weeks ago I came across this cool looking vegetable, called a Romanesco Broccoli. It was just sitting in the grocery store bin, looking like alien fruit. Upon closer examination (and research) I discovered that its structure really is a fractal one: the pattern repeats itself all the way down, smaller and smaller every time.

It really reignited my interest in fractals - and guess what I found today on our reference shelves here at the studio?A book about making fractal pop-up designs! You can bet I'll be taking this home for a few days!



Karen said...

Oh, I really, really, really, want a copy of that book!

cintia said...

Hi Robert!
Have you ever read a book named "The power of limits", by Gy├Ârgy Doczy?
its about proportional harmonies in nature, I just LOVE that book!!