July 16, 2009

Yet Another...

This week I bring you another Chanel commercial.  Yes Chanel is French, but the director is Australian.  Baz Luhrmann directed this Chanel commercial when Nicole Kidman was one of the main faces of the advertising for Chanel.  Baz Luhrmann is mainly known for his Red Curtain Trilogy:  Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet, and Moulin Rouge.

This commercial is reminiscent of Luhrmann's Red Curtain movies, but mainly Moulin Rouge.  But instead of Paris, this commercial seems to be set in NYC-- the Chanel sign they sit in looks like the Watchtower sign in Brooklyn.  It's utterly romantic and exquisitely done.

I'd also add that between this commercial and last week's Jeunet commercial, is shows how versatile Chanel is in advertising and really design.  If you read about Coco Chanel, she was pretty genius in designs and in style.  Some of her jewelery pieces she designed herself still look modern and timeless today.

here's the commercial:

and the making of the commercial, narrated by Baz Luhrmann:


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