February 16, 2009

Popup Workshop 2.0

Shawn Sheehy just tipped me off to a fun free pop-up design program called Popup Workshop. The creator is a woman named Sue Hendrix who developed this software as part of her doctoral work at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her bio shares that her current work is in the area of children's technology and focuses on tools to help children design their own pop-up books and cards, and on effects on spatial and mathematical reasoning in this activity.
Sue combines a simple interface where you design your pop-up card with a wonderful 3D viewer where you can test your virtual card to see how it will perform. Now don’t think that the Popup Workshop is just for kids as I downloaded the software, dove into the Pop-Up Editor and printed and built my little “frog” face in under ten minutes.

Click here to go to the Popup Workshop webpage and learn how you too can develop your own masterpieces.

- Kyle


Shelley Noble said...

Blowing my mind with this, Kyle. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

i put my info in the boxes, but it told me that there was no info!

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem. It wouldn't take my info or let me download the program. :-(

LarryG said...

You can find the download here

XN said...

hi.I download it.but i dontknow how to open it. this is a file".jar"