September 6, 2008

Get schooled!

Today is the first day of class for many kids across the country. It’s also the first day of school for me. Yep, Professor Olmon has to report to duty at Pratt Institute and introduce another class of undergrads to the action packed world of paper engineering. I am always extra excited for the Fall term and even woke up before the alarm in my “first day of school jitters”. I’ll keep you posted on how the semester goes!

Sticking with the back to class theme I wanted to introduce the fold school, which is a great place to create your own cardboard furniture. Just download the PDF, grab some old boxes, and before you know it there is a petite stool, chair or rocker. Keep in mind, these finished projects were intended for little ones, but take the skills and patience of the old and wise.

- Kyle

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